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Fashion Photography Crash Course

Fashion Photography Crash Course Take this COURSE

Course Features

  • Language: English
  • Lesson: 1
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Skill Level: 10th Pass
  • Course Capacity: 50
  • Start Course: 04/01/2017


In this fundamental course of fashion photography students will learn basic photography tools and their intended purposes including the use of camera systems, light meters, film selection etc. students will be learn fashion lighting set up, film lighting, use of various background, posing and other creative techniques. This course is for those who want to pursue a promising career in fashion and glamour photography. This course covers basics of photography with advance skills and practical tips. Students will be taught the lighting and professional photography techniques to creatively and accurately shoot fashion accessories. This course provides an overview of the fashion photography industry with theory and practical of collaborative work. Students will get opportunity to attend workshops in association with fashion stylists and coordinators. Training along with photography skills will develop the skill of ace photographer in you. We focus on practical training so student will learn all king of basic photography thing and receive extensive hands-on experience in glamour and fashion photography. Students who complete the course successfully will be awarded the diploma certificate By CIFT.

Our Main Teachers

  • A fantastict, first rate teacher who has the ability to raise the performance levels of all pupils and learners……


1st year

  • Lesson 1.1

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    1ST YEAR