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Core Advisory Board Member, CIFT

Over past two decades, Ms. Raju Bhatia has been successfully heading the Fashion Department at B. D. Somani Institute of Art & Fashion Technology. She has selflessly dedicated 41 glorious years in the dynamic field of Fashion and Fashion Education.

After her graduation, from JJ school of Arts, Ms Bhatia successfully created award winning campaigns for many Mega Brands at her stint at renowned Advertising Agency - Lintas. In the late 70s, Ms. Bhatia dived in the crazy world of fashion by starting her own unit in Mumbai. She has been customizing and manufacturing trendy styles for over 26 years now. She has been indirectly exporting her signature designs to many countries around the Globe especially the Middle East and USA.

Ms. Bhatia has been the silent driving force to many domestic and International Brands. She has been and is a mentor for many Labels as Design and Brand consultant. She has also been an active Fashion and Textile Trend Consultant to many Textile Manufacturers across India, strongly promoting the ‘Make In India’ concept over last 6 years.

She has worked very closely with the National School for the Blind and the Rehabilitation of the physically handicapped.

She is a

Member - Advisory Board - CIFT & CIAE

Member- Local Committee - ATDC

Trustee - Trustee Board India - The Society of Dyers and Colourists – U.K.

(Awarded the SDC Bronze Medal for contribution in the Fashion Industry)

Member - Steering Committee - Consortium of Green Fashion

Best Educationist Awards – International Institute of Education & Management, New Delhi

She continues to mentor as a Brand Consultant and Educationist.

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Despite being a pharmacy graduate, Pankaj Goti with his intense hunger for creativity in Fashion and technology commenced CIFT in the year 2014. Since then, hundreds of students joined CIFT for studying Fashion and Interior Designing courses and today CIFT is recognized as South Gujarat’s fastest growing Fashion institute. It is the impregnable determination of energetic CEO Pankaj Goti that helped CIFT to climb the ladder of success and establish as a premium Fashion Institute headquartered at Gujarat’s financial capital Surat.

Pankaj’s key role in CIFT includes devising efficient fashion design plans and foster new fashion concepts, attending runway or fashion shows to acquire new fashion ideas, regularly monitoring fashion publications and set meetings with designers to keep up with the changing trend, organizing photo shoots, magazine events, and fashion shows and regularly visiting major manufacturers and merchandise markets to get new information on the latest fashion trends. His key strengths include diligence and persistence, keen observation, competitive drive, adapting and adjusting to a new atmosphere, kindness, integrity, passion and the willingness to do more.

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Director, CIFT

Nihharr is a Success Coach & Trainer, an effective Marketer, Social Media Consultant and Content Editor specialized in building up brand presence for the businesses, online as well as offline since 2008. He gained his ‘Train the Trainer’ certification from Bengaluru and has also undergone ‘Management Program’ from India’s best Management organization ‘Indian Institute of Management (IIM)’ in Lucknow. He is a certified English language educator from the American TESOL Institute, a global language institute chartered under the laws of United States of America. He specializes in conducting workshops on topics such as Language Etiquettes, Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Settings, Relationship Management, Time Management, Social Media Management, Hyper-sensory Development Program, Exam Success Seminars for students and many more.

Specialties of Nihharr include writing, editing, synthesizing elaborating materials, strategic communications, international high-level relationships, internal marketing, personal representation, event design & management, flexibility, team-building and collaboration.

Nihharr Saraswala has been featured on leading TV channels, magazines and newspapers for individual and team achievements. He was given a warm welcome to countries like Mauritius, Vietnam and Sri Lanka upon his visit because of his personal achievements in his professional career.